The first of anything will always leave the greatest heart print. And in 2009, that’s what Dreama and David did when they took a chance on a new wedding photographer and booked me for their May 2011 wedding. Fast forward to 2014 and their life’s story unveiled another chapter when their first child, Colburn Roy, blessed their lives with his bright blue soulful eyes and winning smile.

With a mutual love of black and white and the feeling of home at the beach, Dreama and David’s family session at College Creek Beach was nothing short of kiddo adorableness times infinity. They discovered Colby’s fascination with random orange fruit-like things, his dislike of sand on his tiny bare feet, and his love of weightlessness as his daddy lifted him into the air. Between the wispy hair, the baby cardigan, and the long eyelashes, it is without a doubt that these two parents are completely and utterly smitten.