Marriage Photoshoot

From forest to the beach to urban to the rural roads of Suffolk, they’ve done them all. And I get excited every year when a similar email appears:


“Hey, Chelsea! We need to plan our annual session! Here are my ideas…”

So for our fourth year, we had the wonderful help of Jenn (photo-fam circa 2012) to plan out this “country roads drive” session. (Many thanks to her again for letting us visit and hang out on her property!) Inspired by Orly’s new gorgeously red vintage Corvette, Veronica dreamed up a shoot with lace, denim blues, and tan-hued accessories. With everyone’s favorite pups, Charlie and Lucy, in tow, this fam was ready for a field day. To say the dogs were excited would be an understatement, and you’ll soon see why. 🙂